Built to blast

To celebrate United's 10 year anniversary they teamed up with us yet again and came up with the Prime Mover frame, classic BMX geometry thats built to blast! Comes with a frame pad too. Heres the edit for the frame featuring Bambi, Freddie Househam, Jimmy Rushmore and some other bloke.

Remember that?

Reflective post part 2? BMX has been around a long time, people have ridden and done things before our time that are still great now, That mean more now than they did then, I have been on some bigger BMX web sites recently that for lack of better words have things on there that are out and out garbage.  No research done, no knowledge, no respect for what the creators have done, BMX didnt just arrive in this place people persevered with what many thought impossible or pointless. They rode BMX despite it being laughed at and hated by your average Joe.  You cant re write the history books because you werent there, most of us werent there but it still happened and its useful to remember that.

Below is Stephen Laidlaw, he still rides, this was from a contest in London 1986. 



BMX is in ruins is all i hear and see these days and judging by all the sales you see all over the internet there aint many that can argue. With a multitude of reasons the gimmick laden market looks worse than ever. What can you do? Go out and bust a flattie, enjoy your bike forget about the bullshit this will soon return its true form always does.

Bambi making the most of the ruins. pic mike. thanks!