When a company is as deep in this as we are, you just have to do some thing like this. We have a very colourful history and this page is a tiny glimpse into it, these are all the riders that officially rode for us over the years and the golden era of the 90's, and over on the team page completes the list of all our riders from the past to the present. Enjoy!


Martin 'Bird Man' Allmey

Jamie Bestwick


Ashley Charles

Chris Doyle

Arrash Saidi


Sandy Carson

Ross Head

John Dye

Jason Enns


Jerry Galley

Jesse James

John Heaton

Van Homan

Stuart King

Ron Kimler

Taj Mihellich

Adam Peters

Clint 'Tin Man' Reynolds

Jon Robinson

Geoff Slattery

Josh Surhe

Chris Stauffer