We believe the UK needs BMX podcasts so we threw the hat in and interviewed the riders who were actually there.
We’ll aim for one a month and see where it takes us?

Fids is one of the bigger UK names from 90s BMX to present day. He’s pretty much done it all.
We take it back to the start-the very start. We find out about the early BMX craze days at Gillingham skatepark, the transition to skateboarding,
finding out about punk rock, being a sponsored vert skateboarder, London vert ramps, the death of vert skating. How he got back into BMX in the early 90s.
Wining backyard jams, first trip to California, getting on S&M, the start of UK trail riding, endless euro trips, the difficulties of riding, Boyley stories,
Euro Road fools, injuries, still being on S&M and getting a pro board on S&M as well as much more…he thinks he saw Pantera in holland but it was actually Madball!

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