We believe the UK needs BMX podcasts so we threw the hat in and interviewed the riders who were actually there.
We’ll aim for one a month and see where it takes us?

Greg Guillotte was one of the riders pushing the limits in mid to late 80’s, part of the legendary meanwhile quarter pipe crew in west London. Greg scored a Radness unlimited page in BMX action bike magazine as his first pic and that was the start of many print pages to come. Whilst BMX dwindled in size and became a pointless childs activity in the eyes of the public, crews of dedicated riders up n down the country pushed harder than ever in pursuit of BMX radness. In this interview we hear Greg's story of moving from the USA to Holland to London then back to the USA, getting into BMX, first visit to Londons meanwhile gardens, learning to air, getting in the magazines, hole shot contests, UKBFA, BMX beat, the infamous pop out-itis, learning to ride Londons half pipes, moving back to the USA, competing in the 2 hip and AFA contests, building a new backyard ramp in TX, shows for Micki Conte, getting a cover of Go! Magazine and much more….get some!

Zach has done more in BMX than we could ever fit in to multiple 3 hour conversations. I first met Zach in 86 at Chingford halfpipe, we cover a history of his BMX riding from his start in the boom days of the early 80s to present day. We talk about early Harlow riding scene, meeting locals Eric Steel and Darren Robinson, breaking bikes, discovering Rom skatepark, seminal BMX shop Faze 7, the mythical 80s Rom local Marco Lara. Home made 1/4 pipes, The annual Holeshot contest in Finsbury Park, London. Meanwhile ripper Greg Guilliotte, Uncovering the Chingford scene. Getting pics in RAD magazine. Travels to the northern BMX mecca’s in the 80s and meeting new scenes. BFA contests. Backyard jams. Localising Leigh on sea skatepark. Riding in the circus with Shaun Scarfe. Inventing the 360 backflip, riding for GT and becoming the team manager for them, competing in the USA CFB series, appearing in the Dave Mirra video game, the vert contest circuit and….biscuits??! Enjoy!

Fids is one of the bigger UK names from 90s BMX to present day. He’s pretty much done it all.
We take it back to the start-the very start. We find out about the early BMX craze days at Gillingham skatepark, the transition to skateboarding,
finding out about punk rock, being a sponsored vert skateboarder, London vert ramps, the death of vert skating. How he got back into BMX in the early 90s.
Wining backyard jams, first trip to California, getting on S&M, the start of UK trail riding, endless euro trips, the difficulties of riding, Boyley stories,
Euro Road fools, injuries, still being on S&M and getting a pro board on S&M as well as much more…he thinks he saw Pantera in holland but it was actually Madball!

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