Scott Malyon

Scott Malyon from Kent, has ridden for us forever pretty much, the first time I ever met Scott was at an old park in Essex i think in 94 or 95, he could air higher than anyone then, was 15 and seriously bad ass all these years later and he is still bad ass! Scott has been the back bone of this brand for pretty much as long as he has ridden for it, He's been on Props Road fools had a section on the infamous T-1 dvd, a full end part on our Dont break the oath and first video appearance he ever made was our Nails in the coffin, endless magazine photos and covers, saved endless  trips footage wise-when people couldnt be assed to do anything he was always the one smashing everything his wheels touched. A life team member and true embodiment of what Union is about and maybe i wouldnt be typing this if it wasnt for all his efforts over the years. Thanks for all the years bro!

Random trivial fact: Scott now partakes in hand to hand combat as well as riding bikes.